6 Things to Do Upon Arrival in Canada as an International Student

If you are an international student relocating to Canada anytime soon, keeping up with all the statutory documents, processes and policies can be a bit overwhelming. To help you cross off some important steps upon your arrival in Canada, here’s a list of some things you need to do:

Sourcing for your accommodation can be tasking but here are a few things you should know. You have the choice of staying on-campus or off-campus but whatever the case, you can easily secure a booking online ahead of your arrival in Canada. One way to save costs and to familiarize yourself with your university will be to stay on-campus for the first year. During that time, you can make new friends, get used to the environment, and settle in easily. After your first year, you can choose to look for preferable alternatives off-campus.

You do not need to pay an application fee to get you SIN. All you need to do is fill out an application,  and submit it together with the mandatory documents. Your Social Insurance Number will be valuable to you when looking for part-time jobs and opening a Canadian bank account. It is essential that you get your SIN upon your arrival to Canada.

The provincial ID card can be used in place of a driver’s license or your passport in cases where you need proof of identification. The provincial ID card can also be used in opening a bank account, and for other identification purposes and activities. You should also try to get this as soon as you arrive in Canada.

In the event that is on a tight budget or you arrived in Canada late, some quick and handy items you may need include: a spoon, fork, knife, biscuits, tea, spread, and other items that can be used to make a quick dinner or breakfast before heading out the next day. These items can come in handy, especially when venturing into new terrain.

Each Canadian province has its own health care system. It is advisable for students to seek health insurance when they come into Canada. Health care insurance for international students usually lasts up to 12months. During this period students have access to free health care services. Most universities provide private health insurance packages to international students, and if students are interested in this, they can register for it. Either way, students can contact the international student’s office for more information on how to secure their health insurance upon arrival in Canada  

One of the first things you would need upon your arrival to Canada will be a bank account. This way, your parents can send you money and you can keep up with payments and other expenses. Some popular banks in Canada include CIBC, RBC, BMO, and Scotia among others. If you are coming to Canada with foreign currency, it is advisable to change this at the bank rather than at the airport because better exchange rates are given at the bank. To know more about your options as an international student, it is advisable to speak with a financial consultant upon your arrival in Canada.

At Maple Canadian College, we help our students with their post-secondary and visa application processes. In addition to this, we provide orientation to our students upon their arrival in Canada. Students are put through a three-day orientation program where they are enlightened on what to expect and how to go about navigating life in Canada as an international student. These are more reasons why you should contact us today about your study opportunities in Canada.

See you…in Canada.

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