Founder's Address

Ebi Obaro

“Children are our future.” Here at Maple Canadian College (MCC), this is not a byword, but our reality and source of inspiration. At MCC, we build up and train leaders who can succeed anywhere in the world. We achieve this by developing not only academic skills, but also interpersonal, logical, collaborative, creative and innovative skills. Our students are nurtured to be well-rounded, hardworking, resilient and confident individuals.

Due to the high rating of Canadian education in the world and the ever-increasing demand of Nigerian students wanting to study in Canada and the rest of the world, we have decided to focus on providing Canadian Grade 12 Pre -University Program. This program is to bridge the gap between the Canadian High School curriculum and the West African High School syllabus. This will prepare our students for education and life overseas, as our program, the Ontario Secondary School curriculum results in our students being recognized as Canadian students upon registration.


Our teachers are professional Canadian- certified educators who are well-qualified and adequately supported to provide outstanding academic offerings. Furthermore, counseling services are provided to ensure our students make well-informed choices regarding their academic and professional pursuits. At the end of the program, the certification obtained, the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), opens our students to acceptance from top universities in Canada, UK, USA, Australia and other countries, worldwide.

Canadian universities offer entrance scholarships for academic excellence. Here in MCC, we are partners with over 30 colleges and universities in Canada, enabling students who want to study in Canada or get admission into Canadian universities an easy process.

As you consider MCC for your child, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you. Come and experience our premium Canadian Grade 12 education right here in Lagos, Nigeria. Allow your child to start here at MCC and go on to succeed educationally and professionally anywhere in the world.