Maple Canadian College and Rosedale Academy present the 2022/2023 Excellence Scholarship Awards 

Students all over the world look for an opportunity to better education, livelihood, and an overall secure future. In search of greener pastures, a large number of international students migrate to countries all over the world in an effort to achieve this need, as such, top universities seek out students with academic excellence, leadership qualities, and a solid educational background, granting them opportunities to study at their highly esteemed universities.

This year, Maple Canadian College & Rosedale Academy in Ontario Canada are teaming up to help three students achieve this dream, by taking a first step towards obtaining the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, (O.S.S.D) right here in Nigeria by attending our pre-university pathway program. 

How will the scholarship be achieved?

One outstanding student will be awarded a full scholarship to attend our world-class pre-university pathway program for free. The scholarship which is worth 20,000 CAD will cover; residence fees, tuition, meals, uniforms, and other supplementary activities at the college.  In addition to this, two students will earn 50% partial scholarships to attend our pre-university pathway program.

What makes the OSSD important for international students?

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is important because it provides students with a rigorous academic program that bridges the gap between the West African Syllabus and the Canadian High School Curriculum. This helps Nigerian students or other international students, settle into their university of choice easily; gaining the knowledge, experience, and confidence they need to excel in their studies and overall personal achievements.

How Will My Child Get the Scholarship?

If you wish for your child to be a part of this international, world-class, leading experience then be at our college on Saturday the 23rd of April, 2022 to take the MCC & ROSEDALE ACADEMY Scholarship Entrance Examination. 

For Details on the Examinations, please see below:

VENUE: Block 127, Plot 9, Bunmi-Olowude Street, Maple Canadian College 

TIME: 10:00am

DATE: 23rd April, 2022

Students will seat for the IGCSE/WAEC Maths and English.

For more information, give us a call on 09062540705 or email: hello@maplecc.ca


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