MCC’s Instructional Model

“Reaching students in the ways they learn best”

MCC focuses on world-class instructional model and professionalism to influence its curriculum and instructional practices. It is important that our students have the opportunity to reach the highest echelons of their careers in today’s knowledge-based economy and at MCC, our instructional model aims to bring this opportunity to the doorstep of our students.

We know that students do not all learn in the same way and at MCC, all enrolled students will be able to take advantage of a plethora of teaching, tutoring and mentoring opportunities throughout the school year, catering to each child’s learning style and strengths – visual, auditory and kinesthetic.


When learning, students will be exposed to

When learning, students will be exposed to

In-person classroom instruction from the teacher

Collaborative and practical activities with peer groups

Engaging pre-recorded videos for self paced studies

DIY problem sets which can be used independently by each student during the study period

When learning, students will be exposed to