International Foundation Programs in Nigeria

International Foundation Program in Nigeria

International foundation programs have become widely popular for undergraduate students who wish to study in Canada, the UK, the USA, and other countries. These programs offer significant benefits to international students looking to study abroad; for instance, the Canadian OSSD program that is delivered by Maple Canadian College helps in bridging the knowledge gap between the West African Syllabus and Canadian High School Curriculum. Adapting to the education system in a foreign country can be a tough bet for international students who must navigate the glaring differences between the new system and what they are used to, not to mention the homesickness and culture shock. This is why some international students struggle academically and socially upon their arrival in a foreign country. 

Fortunately, international foundation programs have been proven to help students adapt seamlessly to the academic and social peculiarities of their study destination. If you are a parent considering whether an international foundation program is right for your child/ward these three factors can help you in making your decision.

Here are The Top 3 Factors to Consider: 

COST: International foundation programs abroad are more expensive for international students compared to the ones in Nigeria. Choosing a pre-university pathway program that saves on costs and helps parents prepare financially for their child’s undergraduate study abroad should be a top priority when considering a foundation program. If your child can experience global best practices in teaching and learning at a much cheaper cost within their own familiar environment, that is worth giving serious thought. 

PROXIMITY: Most students at the completion of their high school education might still be younger than 18 or not mentally mature enough to take on the real world. Sending children out at an early age into the world might pose a threat to their safety and social and personal development. In more ways than one, children will struggle when not adequately prepared for the realities of life in unfamiliar situations. Therefore, choosing an international foundation program that is close to home provides an avenue for children to be exposed to the rigors of these international programs while gradually acclimatizing with some of the challenges they may face in an international study environment. This way they can still seek comfort in familiar faces and be free to ask for help when faced with challenges.  

ACADEMIC SUCCESS: Choosing an international foundation program that provides the right learning environment and curriculum is important. International foundation programs are designed to bridge the gap between the West African Syllabus and international curriculum in countries worldwide. An international foundation program should provide the right level of academic rigor and also help children develop lifelong personal skills such as time management, critical thinking, and leadership skills. This will not only help them succeed in the university but also them thrive in the 21st world of work and innovation. 

At Maple Canadian College, our pre-university pathway program offers a catalogue of 21st-century courses and a dynamic learning environment where students experience the same educational standards as Canadian students while here in their home country, Nigeria. Students graduate with the world-acclaimed Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D) provided in partnership with our Ontario based partners, Rosedale Academy. 

To learn more about why the MCC foundation program is the best option for you and your child, give us a call on 09062540705 or send us an email at: 

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