Leadership Team

The MCC academic team comprises individuals who have lived or taught in Canada or similar international education contexts ‚Äď including a curriculum team that is 100% composed of Canadian-certified teachers and instructional coaches. By bringing highly-qualified teachers and Canadian professionals from all over the world to develop our world-class curriculum and teach in our schools, we will ensure that regardless of their prior educational experiences, all MCC students experience increased levels of academic support, gain global exposure, and discover their strengths while at MCC.

Ebi Obaro is the brain behind Maple Education Canada Inc., the foremost provider of Canadian Immigration and Education Consulting Services in Nigeria.     

Tukeni Obasi is the Country Manager (Canada) for Maple Education Canada and an experienced Education and Immigration Consultant who is passionate about working with young  students    
Panebi is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and embodies the best in that profession. A graduate of both the University of Lagos (Bachelor’s) and Lagos State University    
As the Corporate Unit and Admissions manager for Maple Education Canada, Mubo oversees the branch offices, strengthens the company’s service delivery efforts, and identifies new    
Mrs. Tinuade Olufunmilayo Olufolabi is an accomplished educator with over 25 years of experience in teaching and leading. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in French    
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