Pre-University Foundation Program: What you need to know, and why you should consider it

A pre-university foundation program is specifically designed for students who wish to study for an undergraduate degree abroad. These programs meet the needs of international students by providing them with the opportunity to learn about and understand the international education system. A pre-university pathway program is different from the traditional secondary school in the sense that it offers more learning opportunities to students through a wide variety of courses and career development opportunities.

Pre-university pathway programs are strongly recommended for students who wish to study abroad as it helps them prepare adequately for university and all of the challenges that come with it. While enrolled in a pre-university foundation program, students have a chance to achieve better grades, and to put use their creativity to good use through innovative learning and professional tutoring, mentoring, and coaching offered these programs. The pre-university foundation program bridges the gap between secondary school and university education.
 Pre-University Foundation programs focus on key learning areas for students such as improving their writing skills, subject knowledge, and independent study skills among other personal development areas. It also allows them to familiarize themselves with the culture, lifestyle, mannerisms, and education system of the country they wish to study in.


 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Pre-university foundation programs offer students the opportunity to be self-motivated and goal-oriented learners. They will have several opportunities to complete rigorous tasks through which they can sharpen their creativity and problem-solving skills. These programs also offer students the opportunity to develop the skills they need to communicate within formal and informal settings.

 ACADEMIC RIGOR: Foundation programs help students improve their learning skills and improve their chances of academic success. Students learn how to schedule and meet deadlines, prioritize tasks and develop a positive attitude towards learning. Students are provided the opportunity to choose from a variety of courses that are tailored to their career choice at the university. For example, a student can complete a maths bridging course before entering an engineering degree.

 BRIDGES THE GAP BETWEEN HIGH SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY EDUCATION: Foundation program fills the gap between the high school syllabus and the international curriculum. Foundation programs help to fill up any knowledge or qualifications gaps that students may have after finishing high school. It gives students the knowledge and confidence they need to embark on their study abroad journey by familiarizing them with the courses and academic standards of the international education system.

 DIRECT ACCESS TO GAINING UNIVERSITY ADMISSION: Students who pass through a foundation/pathway program have a better chance of gaining admission into top universities. They have the opportunity of gaining first-hand knowledge and information about their universities of choice and they are better prepared to meet the needs and expectations of these universities. Foundation programs help students secure great study and work opportunities ahead of their arrival in the country they wish to study.

 ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: Foundation programs improve students speaking, comprehension and writing skills through tests and assessments needed to meet the standards of the country they will be studying in. Students learn and develop their language skills through the programs designed specifically to meet this need.

 At Maple Canadian College, we pride ourselves on a proven track record of a 100% students success rate in admissions and scholarships guaranteed to our students based on their academic performance. MCC helps improve students’ personal development which invariably leads to academic success. We help to bridge the gap between the West African syllabus and the Canadian High school curriculum. MCC serves as more than a pathway program: it helps students gain maturity, and develop proper social, and interpersonal skills which empower them to embark on their study abroad journey abroad with confidence.

 For information on how you can learn more about our pre-university pathway program, send us an email at: or give us a call on 09062540705

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