Maple Canadian College, Lekki, Lagos and Rosedale Academy, Toronto, Canada are partnering to provide a scholarship totaling N5,833,900 for tuition, residence fees, university application, visa services as well as all meals, to one Nigerian student who has an exceptional academic record, who is active in supporting the community in which they live, and who is eager to expand their knowledge and skills through attendance at an international post-secondary institution.

  1.  Final Deadline: July 31st 2020.
  2. Refer to the application process below for a list of supporting documents.
  3. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  4. Submissions must be received by midnight on Due Dates.
  5. You will be notified about next steps by email after each Due Date.
  6. If you have any questions about the application, please contact or call +234906254070


  1.   Applicant must be a resident and citizen of Nigeria and have the resources to attend an international pre-university institution in the 2020/2021 school year.
  1.   Applicant must be enrolled in or completed SS2 or SS3 at their school and be no older than 18 years.
  1.   Applicant must demonstrate positive-impact involvement – in the complete sense – consistent with capacity and circumstances and/or significant improvement/success in scholarship and community involvement, determined through letters of recommendation.
  1.   Applicant must have applied to Maple Canadian College and received an offer of provisional admission at MCC by July 31st 2020.
  1.   Submit all application documents to


  • Applicant is required to apply to Maple Canadian College.
  • To apply, click and fill out the application form with all required documents.
  • Applicant will be required to pay an application fee of #10,000 to complete the application form.
  • Once applicant successfully completes the application form, our admissions team will promptly review the application.
  • Consequently, applicant will be invited for an entrance test at the school.
  • Successful applicant will be offered provisional admission which will qualify him/her to apply for the scholarship.
  • With the offer of provisional admission, applicant can submit the scholarship entries (Check Scholarship Entries and Timelines below).


The entries for scholarship are in four stages:

STAGE 1: Application to MCC (Due July 31st, 2020)

Applicant for the scholarship must have applied to Maple Canadian College and received an offer of provisional admission to study at MCC by July 31st, 2020. Refer to the section Application Guidelines for details.

STAGE 2: Scholarship Application Documents (Due August 7th 2020)

Applicant must submit the following documents to on or before due date:

  1. Letter of Application addressed to The Scholarship Committee, Maple Canadian College, Lekki, Lagos, using correct business letter format. The letter should contain a brief explanation of career goals and biographical information.


  1. TWO Letters of Reference written and addressed to The Scholarship Committee, Maple Canadian College, Lekki, Lagos.

o   One ACADEMIC REFERENCE (Principal/Teacher) and,


o   One must be a COMMUNITY REFERENCE that details the applicant’s community involvement and their individual impact.


  1. Scholarship Application Form to be downloaded at


STAGE 3: Essay Writing (Due August 14th 2020)

Applicant (who is successful at STAGE 2) will write a 1,000-word essay expressing his/her world view. We are leaving the topic open-ended so that each applicant can bring their intelligence, creativity and innovative spirit to the task. Applicant may choose any content that best expresses their thoughts. However, the submission MUST be in essay format.

Instructions: Essays should be double-spaced, written in Times New Roman font 14, and include the following information at the beginning of the essay:



Essay Title:


STAGE 4: Video Project (Due August 21st 2020)

After the submission of the Essay, applicant can proceed to the video project. This video project should reflect your individual creative spirit and sense of innovation. You should address, at least, ONE of the following questions:

a. How will your passions translate into impacts on the world and society in which you live?

b. What is your dream post-secondary institution? Each applicant must identify a specific institution and program that they hope to earn enrollment in.

c. What childhood experiences have shaped you as a person?

d. How might this scholarship opportunity change your life?

e. Do you believe that a single person can change the world? How?

Instructions: Videos should not be more than 3 minutes in duration. Record and upload on your Instagram timeline with the hashtag #mccscholarship.

If you have read the guidelines and you are eligible, click the button below to start your application.