• Ebi Obaro is the brain behind Maple Education Canada Inc., the foremost provider of Canadian Immigration and Education Consulting Services in Nigeria.

    Ebi Obaro

  • As the Corporate Unit and Admissions manager for Maple Education Canada, Mubo oversees the branch offices, strengthens the company’s service delivery efforts, and identifies new frontiers for development.

    Mubo Olabode

  • Panebi is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and embodies the best in that profession

    Panebi Oboh

  • Teacher for 20 years. I believe in challenging students to exceed expectations, and, when the bar is held HIGH, students come to KNOW that someone believes in them, and they begin to believe in themselves.
  • Tukeni Obasi is the Country Manager (Canada) for Maple Education Canada and an experienced Education and Immigration Consultant who is passionate about working with young students and professionals

    Tukeni Obasi