ontario secondary school diploma in lagos Nigeria

The Advantages of An Ontario High School Diploma

One of the best gifts parents can give to their child is access to quality education. The dream of raising a child who can confidently claim space in an increasingly globalised world is not farfetched. It’s very possible but you have to take actionable steps to see that dream come to pass. One of the ways to do this is to give your child the benefit of graduating with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) in Nigeria.

If you’ve ever wanted to prepare your child for education in western universities and colleges, then there’s a big chance you may have heard of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Keep reading to learn about the OSSD, the advantages of OSSD for international students, and how you can enrol your child to get the OSSD in Nigeria.

What is the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)? 

The OSSD is an internationally renowned and recognised secondary school credential from the Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada.  It is a certification designed for students who have not completed high school studies in their respective countries and wish to study in universities across the globe including Canadian, British and American universities. 

 The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), an international study that evaluates education systems every three years worldwide, has constantly evaluated the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum as one of the top 5 education systems in the world. This has earned the OSSD a solid reputation worldwide as a certificate of the highest academic standards. Students who intend to pursue post-secondary in schools worldwide can use it to get University placements.

What are the advantages of OSSD for international students? 

The following are some of the advantages of OSSD for international students. 

  • The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is recognized by universities and colleges across the world. Most universities in North America and Europe accept candidates with a Canadian secondary school diploma with at least 5 grade 12 courses. 
  • International students who take OSSD courses won’t feel a big disconnect at a University or College in England, Australia, or the United States because Canada shares an education system that is similar to their western counterparts. 
  • International students have a more levelled ground t to compete with local Canadian students because the mathematics and science curriculum in Canada is relatively simple compared to the same grade-level curriculum in other countries. 
  • Students with the OSSD have greater access to scholarships from top universities worldwide. They are more easily admitted because studying for the diploma familiarises them with international education systems and they won’t struggle to fit in.

How do I enrol my child to get an OSSD in Nigeria?

Your child can earn an OSSD in Nigeria without having to move to Canada by studying at Maple Canadian college. At Maple Canadian College, our program is uniquely designed for the African student. After almost two decades of helping African secondary school students get into global colleges and universities, we have created a system that prepares students to compete and succeed in global classrooms. Our partnership with Rosedale Academy, an Ontario Ministry of Education-inspected private secondary school, ensures our curriculum is always updated to current global standards. To learn more about our school’s offerings, you can read our extensive FAQ page or begin your admission process today.