Mrs. Tinuade Olufunmilayo Olufolabi is an accomplished educator with over 25 years of experience in teaching and leading. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. Within the span of twenty-five years, she has taught in Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Sixth form sections and has been a high school principal.

Her passion for education was borne out of her burning love for children and her firm belief in the fact that “every child can reach his/her potential”.

With excellent experience in program initiative, staff development, promoting a safe environment and optimizing learning, she holds a remarkable record for exceeding all the faculty goals through good external and internal communication and a strong commitment to maintaining a student-centered learning school.

She is an energetic and warm individual who has a passion for enriching the lives of children.  Moreover, while her on-the-job experience has afforded her a well-rounded skill set including first-rate administrative and organizational abilities, she excels at:

  • Orienting new teachers to smooth acclimation.
  • Resolving conflicts and improving pupil/student behavior.
  • Increasing test scores through tutoring.
  • Developing new programs to advance learning.

She believes that by being a fine example of an employee of the organization, she can motivate others. She has devoted her energy to building confidence in pupils/students and ensuring that they do not settle for less than excellence. She is resilient and gives no room for negativity in all her endeavors.

She is a recipient of numerous awards of excellence. She has also attended many workshops and seminars within and outside Nigeria.