Corporate Philosophy

Our Vision

To become a model for innovative teaching and academic achievement across the world

Our Mission

To provide a world-class Canadian education to highly-motivated students and set them on the best path to achieving their academic and professional goals in top-choice global universities and colleges

Our Values

Academic Achievement

Maple Canadian College will empower students to excel and become globally relevant in their academic and professional pursuits


Maple Canadian College’s Ontario-certified instructors are globally competent and will offer dedicated and qualitative instruction and mentorship


Maple Canadian College’s program reflects our belief in hard work, creativity, and consistency as central to academic success

Our Motto


Africa’s brightest and best, will be set on a path to achieving academic goals in top-choice global universities


Empowering students to develop critical thinking and creativity through innovative teaching methods


Success is not only about education. It’s more about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success

Our Slogan