Testimonial 2

Indeed, the lives of animals can teach humanity vital lessons. Eagles prove that greatness often requires isolation, as they usually fly alone and at very high altitudes. In contrast, flight flocks show that staying together with similar minded people can help you protect yourself. Maple Canadian College (MCC) taught me the importance of blending both to achieve academic and personal success.

My eagle era started before MCC. Nonetheless, it thrived while I was there. The well-lit and serene library allowed me to complete my assignments on time. This place also served as my spot for writing articles on behalf of MCC’s blog. The clean classrooms enhanced my learning experience and made me look forward to my classes. How can I forget the amazing teachers who gave weekly speeches on time management and other life skills? How can the beautiful memories made during MCC’s outings ever leave my memory?

Truly, MCC flourished my flight flock timeline as well. In short, the ten-month OSSD program taught me the importance of community. I learned to ask for and accept several math tutorials from my dear friends (they are truly mathematicians in teenage bodies). Giving help in the same measure became a priority to me. I am skilled in writing and so, I helped my friends who needed help in English, Economics and Politics related courses. The friends who encouraged me when I felt like giving up and the nurse’s amazing advice concerning personal issues are gems that contributed to my success at the school.

The apex of my success at Maple was gaining admission into my dream university- University of Toronto Scarborough. I am currently studying here and simply put, I am glad I came. Even though I am no longer at MCC, the lessons I learned while surviving numerous deadlines, some unsatisfactory grades and the occasional inevitable burnout are helping me succeed in university today. I am not afraid to try out new courses, I love asking for help (academic and career counseling sessions are my favourites) and I connect with admirable people in my school online and offline.

Isolation and community must be balanced in order to achieve greatness. Success is not merely the absence of failure. It is the consistent practice of being better every day despite past mistakes. My advice for all current students of MCC is to work hard, relax regularly, focus on your uniqueness and discover how YOU can meaningfully contribute and collaborate with others in today’s world. You are invaluable.

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