Testimonial 3

My journey at Maple Canadian College took less than a year but I’ll feel its impact for a lifetime. My time at MCC came right as I graduated from high school. Due to WASSCE being delayed, I started the school year at Maple a month late, but in all honesty, I don’t think I was deeply affected by the fact.

MCC was familiar in the context of a typical school setting, but it was also unfamiliar in terms of how things were done and what was expected of us. I was introduced to a stricter learning environment than I was used to but at the same time, I had more resources at my fingertips than I was used to. I had teachers, websites, friends, and every other thing you could imagine to my advantage.

The work didn’t seem as hard as you would think, maybe because we had amazing teachers, that bent over backward to give us an amazing education to the best of their ability. We had supportive staff that encouraged us to find a balance between work and play. We had an amazing support system that took care of us when we had a burnout or had an asthma attack from playing too hard.

I challenged myself in new ways and stepped out of my comfort zone by doing things I wouldn’t regularly do. I ran for Vice President of the student body and won! I found out I was really good at writing and even had some of my write-ups in the yearbook. I became more confident in myself and my abilities. And right now, I’m a nursing student at the University of Alberta.

I wouldn’t say school was easy, nothing worthwhile ever is, however, I would say that my time at Maple isn’t anything I would change for the world. I am not only grateful for the opportunity to go there, but I am also grateful for the friends I made, the lessons I learned, and the person I became as a result of this.