Testimonial 4

Because it was ten months, I didn’t expect to have much experience or an impact from my time at Maple Canadian College. But looking back now, after graduating from MCC in June, I couldn’t have ever imagined leaving my Nigerian secondary school and immediately entering university. I did pretty well in secondary school but was never genuinely confident in my abilities. This was because doing well in tests or exams in secondary school usually depended on how much you could remember. However, subjects in MCC usually depended more on critical thinking and less on memorization, so I was forced to tap into a part of my ability that I hadn’t before. Because I did well in courses at MCC, this made me confident in myself and proved I wasn’t just lucky by remembering what I had written in my notes. MCC also provided me with an opportunity to execute my passion for journalism. Its small size gave me a better sense of community. Everyone knew everyone, and there was no sense of seniority or superiority because we all had the same goal. MCC provided me with critical thinking and academic writing skills that have helped me so far in university.