Testimonial 5

Hello Readers; my name is Oluwadara Oluwakayode. I’m a recent graduate of Maple Canadian College. I’m currently a first-year International Business student at Carleton University. I’ll get to the point on my journey to and experience at Maple Canadian College. If anyone came up to me and asked me what I thought about Maple Canadian College, I would tell them it was a second chance at life. Also, I knew it was meant to be as soon as I entered the building on the first day.

I had just finished SS3, and I could not join a Nigerian University because of my poor JAMB scores. Also, I didn’t like science, but I was doing it in high school anyway. My JAMB and WAEC were a rude wake-up call for me to change my course of study. I had visited Maple the day after my JAMB; I entered not expecting much because I knew I had failed it even after telling my parents it was fine. When I checked the school, my friend was in the current set at the time (they had finished their finals to graduate). Miss Kenechi was talking to my mum about the school, and I was thinking about my “banging”. Something just changed that made me excited about joining. I also met Mr. Steve (the best housemaster ever), who showed me the hostel, which excited me about coming. But I was scared because I knew if I got into the school doing science, it will be the same results. I knew I liked economics and other business-related subjects (except accounting). Three months later, a month late after the resumption, I graduated from my Nigerian secondary school, and the very next day, I found myself in Maple’s boarding house. I made friends there, some of whom are currently with me here at Carleton University. I’m not going to lie; the beginning was stressful (November was bloody). I had two assignments due on the 24th, which was my birthday. December was less stressful. The next semester was easier to complete because I was there from the start, unlike the first semester. The teachers at maple were accommodating; Mr. Awe (business and economics), Mr. Matthew (Math), and Mr. Jide (English). Mr. Steve, Miss Nike (school nurse). I finished with a grade average of 88%, a significant upgrade from someone who failed science in secondary school. All I can say is thank you, Maple Canadian College, for everything, and anyone reading this, make sure to be a part of this family. Thanks.